Whatever it Takes…-Yasmin


See, I always knew my older sister was a little slow. She’s smart, but just a little slow. Everybody knows how her and Marques feel about each other. If there was ever a such thing as soulmates, it would be the two of them.

I gave her a blank stare. “Stop thinking the worst. It’s not like he’s going to ask you to move to Atlanta or something because he wants to marry you. We all know how much you hate it here.”

“Yas, I hate surprises from men. It’s usually some shit that’s not worth being kept a secret. They never just come out and say it.”

“Veronica, that’s RJ. Not every guy is like that.” I took a long sip of champagne. My last 24 hours has been hectic. I was at Chateau Élan with George and then back to his place in Alpharetta. George is one of my past customers with whom who I’ve formed a friendship. I actually think he’s gay since he’s never asked for anything but we do great business together.

All the good ones are gay. The straight ones just want to fuck as many women as possible and then find a dumb broad who doesn’t mind her mate’s indiscretions. I don’t have time for that shit. I’m trying to build my fortune and have fun.

“Yas, why the hell you got these nekkid pics around the house? I didn’t wanna walk in here and see that. Where you get this cupcake from, it’s nasty as hell.”

I rolled my eyes as hard as I could. “Shut up Nik.” Veronica and I share Nicole as a middle name, I’m not even sure how I began calling her Nik.

I’m tired. Like for real. I don’t understand why I need to work to support myself. That’s what a man is for! I should be able to hire chefs and housekeepers! I’ll gladly marry someone who just wants my company. I don’t even care about the love part. Look at Veronica and look how love did her.


I’m working on being a kept woman. That’s the only reason I started stripping. I love the attention but more importantly I love the attention from all of the ballers that come just to see ME. I honestly don’t need my 9-5. Actually I’m going to begin stripping full time and do the medical assistant thing on the side. I need to focus my energy on gettin another man to buy me a bigger house with a hired staff.

I still laugh at Rashad who actually gave me the down payment for this house and bought my car. He was so in love. Rashad plays for Orlando Magic by the way. And if you know ballers like I do, NBA money is guaranteed money. None of that NFL bullshit. I have no idea what I said to make him put this house in my name.

More importantly than my need to be taken care of is my need to be completely honest. I’ve been carrying around this secret for years and I don’t trust anyone enough to share. I long for the day that I can tell the man of my dreams about my past. In full detail. It’s been eating away at me. Maybe I’ll tell Veronica while she’s here…..



~ by A. Nicole on May 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Whatever it Takes…-Yasmin”

  1. Oh Yasmin….what are you hiding??

  2. Hmm…wonder what secret Yasmin has??

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