How Far is Too Far? – Veronica

Why am I nervous about meeting him for dinner? I haven’t even cheated yet. I mean, I don’t PLAN on doing anything more than dinner. Okay maybe I shouldn’t go. Fuck it I already did my hair, I’m going SOMEPLACE. I decided on an off-white pantsuit with a fuschia colored bustier peeking through. I made sure I was crute!

I took Yas’ car since she never drove to the club. She didn’t want any patrons knowing what she drove or trying to follow her. Made sense. I parked in the upper deck of Atlantic Station and walked right in since Marques told me he was already at the bar waiting.


When I got to the front door he was actually outside talking to some woman in a ridiculously tacky and revealing outfit. Gross. She walked inside as he greeted me with a light hug.

“So Marq, is that a business associate?” He rolled his eyes. “Kinda. Our table is ready, let’s go.”
I could feel him undressing me as I followed the waiter to our table. I was slightly aroused myself. We ordered our food and drinks immediately and engaged in modest conversation.

“So V now that we’ve exchanged pleasantries, tell me about how things REALLY are.”

Marques clearly was after something. I paused for a second and looked down at my plate. “Life is great. Trying not to live with regrets, playing my hand carefully. That’s all.”


Marques took my hand gently and stared at me so long that my stomach dropped to my feet. Marq, just say what you wanna say!

“Okay I know you hate beating around the bush so I’m just going to come out and say it. Just exactly how satisfied are you? I mean, let’s be honest…there’s only one me. The fire that we had is still there everytime we connect eyes. I could feel your presence even in our exchanges of emails and text messages. You feel it too, don’t deny yourself the pleasure that you know your body is craving. ”

My mouth dropped. He’s bolder than I thought. There’s no way I could take this any further. “Marques you know this conversation is inappropriate as I am clearly married. I’d like to think that you have more respect for me than this.”

I was a little irritated, as well as turned on. I downed my drink and summoned the waiter for another. We sat in a comfortable silence, reading each other’s mind.

I knew I could be completely open and honest with him. I could tell him I robbed a bank and he wouldnt dare judge. That’s what I missed about him. I trusted Marques with my life and he knew it.

“Veronica let’s go to our next destination. This is a waste of time. I have something waiting for us.” He stood, took his last sip of bourbon, and escorted me outside to an awaiting Mercedes SUV. We hopped in the back and remained silent as the driver hopped on the interstate. I realized I was losing trust in myself by the second since i didn’t even care where we were headed. As I laid my head on his shoulder I wondered if I was ready for whatever he had planned. I was more than ready.



~ by A. Nicole on May 29, 2012.

One Response to “How Far is Too Far? – Veronica”

  1. As much as I hate the way RJ is making you feel lately, please don’t do anything with Marques you’ll regret later.

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