True Betrayal -Veronica

“Aye V. V, wake up. We’re here.”

I heard someone calling my name as I opened my eyes. I had no idea where I was, nor whose lap my head was on. Then I smelled the all too familiar cologne. Marques. I sat up and stretched.

“Aye V, check your lipstick. I got drool on my $500 pants.”

“Shut up. Knowing yo ass, they was on clearance. How much did YOU pay for them?”

Marques threw his head back and laughed, hitting me in the face with his dreads so I punched him in the shoulder. “Girl get out the car, let’s get this thang crackin’.”

I stepped outside the truck and realized I had no idea where I was. I looked up at a mansion with a penitentiary-style iron gate, five-car garage, and massive circular driveway. Who lives here, Ted Turner? If it wasn’t dark I would’ve asked for a tour of the rest of the property. Marques interrupted my thoughts by grabbing my hand to lead me inside.


We walked into the dark mansion. No lights were on, but Marques knew exactly where to go. I followed him into the elevator. “Marques what the fuck? Whose house is this?”

“Veronica, wait and see. You said you trust me.” Before I could even say another word, the doors opened. It looked exactly like the club where Yas works. Music was blaring and the room was packed. I’m assuming the room was not just a room, but an entire floor. Whoever owned this house had created an entire club on the third floor of this mansion. I was in awe.

Next thing I know, Marques yelled in my ear that he needs to talk to a friend. As he walked off I noticed the wing buffet. This is heaven! I grabbed a plate of wings and veggies and walked over to the bar near the stage. Two super thick strippers were covered in whip cream and kissing each other.


“Excuse me, miss. What you feel like drankin’?”

I turned around to see a slim girl behind the bar with a blonde weave to her narrow hips. I turned back around to watch the entertainment. These girls were in a 69 position. It’s like a real live porno!

“Um, just give me a sweet tea with Ciroc peach.”

Marques came back over and ate the carrot out of my hand. “Hey boo, I see you are enjoying yourself, huh? I always knew you were a freak.”

I turned to my left to face him. “Look, whatever you remember from my teenage days, forget it. I’m not the same little girl.” Marques looked at me with the cheesiest grin.


We hung out for about two hours. He introduced me to a few of his friends and a handful of rappers. The drinks were starting to creep up on me as I felt Marques’ hand crawling down my back. I didn’t even flinch. Everything was so natural between us. We sat off in the corner as a hostess brought me mini cupcakes. He tipped her and then leaned over to whisper “I know what you like better than anyone else. Those have always been your favorite. Just don’t eat too many, you’re already getting thick.” I really needed him to not be so close as the scent of his cologne and this buzz made me warm all over and in between.


I wiped my hands on a napkin and playfully threw it at him. As he began to kiss my neck, some asshole backed in to me and dropped his carrot dipped in ranch on my lap. I jumped up and yelled “Yo, what the fuck?”

“Veronica calm down, let’s go to the bathroom and clean it up.” Marques grabbed my clutch off the bar. I snatched it from him and went down the hall to what appeared to be the bathroom. There were two topless girls rubbing some type of glittery lotion on each other.

“Excuse me, I just need a wet towel for my pants.” One of the girls grabbed a white washcloth, ran it under the warm water, and passed it to me.

“Um, yea don’t I know you? You look so familiar. Do you work at Gucci in Lenox?”

I gave her a side-eye. “Girl I don’t even live here.”

“Oh, my bad.” The two girls rolled their eyes and headed towards the door. They stopped and turned around. “We saw you come in here with Marques. He must only date chicks with chinky eyes. That’s where I know you from. You look like the last girl he brought here. I think her name was Jasmine.”

The other one chimed in. “Yea she had no problem pulling his thang out in front of everybody! I bet she got a good tip that night!”

My mouth dropped to the floor as they walked out.

Marques and my sister?!?

~ by A. Nicole on June 6, 2012.

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  1. WTH?!?!?

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