I ran to my town car in a heap of excitement after a great night at the club! I made $2900 and had my twat sucked by a married couple all in the same night! I would’ve brought the wife home if I didn’t care about my customers being within my personal space. She was amazing and I wanted more. I didn’t do this thing often but VIP had taken on a mind of its own tonight.

Before I knew it I was inside the towncar pleasuring myself all over again at the thought of getting $1500 for laying on my back. Hopefully the couple will come again. I giggled to myself.


I drifted off to sleep and woke up abruptly as I felt the car coming to a stop. My phone began buzzing from a text message. Whoever it was, it could wait.

I bid my driver goodnight and went into my garage. Veronica was still gone. Must be nice. I loved coming home to an empty house but hated waking up alone. I took off my 8 inch heels at the foot of the stairs and went up. Veronica left my CD player on. Jill Scott was singing about being alone.

The last guy I had true feelings for had decided that I was “undateable.” I don’t know if it was because of my job, or because we had been friends for so long. Why wouldn’t he want a girl like me? Guys with wealth and power need a girl like me. I’m easy-going, spontaneous, good in bed, gorgeous, and loyal. Most men would love to have someone like me. Guess he was different.


I sat on the edge of the tub in the master bathroom and imagined his hands all over my body. I could even smell his scent, the coarseness of his dreadlocks against my face. I swooned and bit my lip as I swung my legs into the tub filled with warm water and suds.

A door slammed, opened, and slammed again. I heard two voices, both indistinguishable. Then I heard my name.

“Yasmin bring your trifling, backstabbing ass down here. Bitch I’ll kill you!”


I laid there motion-less. My gun was nowhere near me. Frozen for 30 seconds, I held my breath until the door opened and I saw Veronica standing over me. Marques was behind her. Surprise, surprise.

*deep sigh* What did I do now?


~ by A. Nicole on June 14, 2012.

One Response to “Undateable-Yasmin”

  1. That damn Yasmin!

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