No Words -Veronica

I know I blacked out on my succubus of a sister but her ass is so self-absorbed. We weren’t raised that way. I expected more from Marques than my own sister, which is terrible. I don’t remember ever feeling this way, feeling betrayed by family. Marques was my first love but he was also the home team. I have such a high level of comfort with him, like he’s my other half. The thought of the two of them together felt like I was being stabbed over and over again. Why Marques? She has tons of men fawning over her, I can’t imagine what the hell could’ve gotten into her! Nothing made sense anymore. Marques explained what happened on the way over……

On another night similar to tonight, he invited Yasmin to the same house to make some money and build her clientele. She was fine until she began drinking and proceeded to pleasure herself in front of everyone. Marques claims he had no idea what else happened, but things went south once Yasmin unzipped his pants and straddled him. He says he has no recollection of anything.


I looked at Yasmin as she sat in her tub. Once again she was drunk and oblivious to how upset I was. I yelled at her long enough to get a reaction. Instead I caught her glaring at Marques. Since she had nothing to say, I walked to the bedroom where my things were and packed my shit.

Marques grabbed my overnight bag from the bed. “Babe, come stay with me and calm down. You know how she is. Tomorrow she’ll be crying about how nobody loves her.”

I just glared at him long enough to send him a “shut up” message. He didn’t get it because he wouldn’t stop talking. “Marq you need to shut up and leave me the hell alone! Both of you get on my fucking nerves. Stay away from me!”


I grabbed my two bags and went downstairs to call a cab. While I phoned the airport shuttle I decided I might as well send RJ a text letting him know I’d be back ASAP. Before I could scroll down to his name, Marques snatched my phone.

“The three of us need to talk. Come back inside. No point in running off, it won’t fix anything. Come here.”

I fell into his arms and sobbed. I felt used, betrayed, angry, a heap of different emotions. I just wanted my husband to hold me.


The horn of the airport shuttle blew out front. I paused, stared into Marques’ eyes hoping he could read my mind. He knew I had to leave. Marques took my bags to the van for me in silence and walked to his car.

All I wanted was my husband. I knew he was home waiting for me and I couldn’t get out of Atlanta fast enough.

~ by A. Nicole on June 18, 2012.

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