Stranger in My House -Veronica


I was able to catch a red-eye home at the last minute. I really didn’t care, I just needed to get away from everyone as soon as possible. Walking through JFK put a smile on my face. Home sweet home. I caught the airtran to the A and headed to Brooklyn. I actually have to be in the mood to take the subway. I checked my phone and didn’t see any missed calls or texts from RJ. I could’ve sworn I called him. Oh well! I tried calling once I found a seat but had zero connection. Looks like I’ll be making a surprise entrance!

An hour later I arrived home. The doorman greeted me with his usual cheery self and escorted me to the elevator. I got to my door and considered knocking, but RJ isn’t a morning person so no games for him!! I took a deep breath and turned the lock.

“Hey babe, I’m home! I had to leave early you will never gu—-.”

I glanced at RJ, then I studied the living room. He looked like he’d been caught red-handed. If you know anything about a Scorpio then you know we are an inquisitive and investigative set of people.

“Hey baby. What’s up?” RJ took a step and then decided not to move any further. He knew I smelled a rat.

I dropped my carry-on and took off my trench. By this time I could look in RJ’s eyes and see his mind racing. Nothing looked out of place except for a few toys on the floor. When did Daddy Day Care end?

“Look, Veronica. I have to tell you something. My son isn’t the only one here. His mother……”


There’s the rat. I went to the guest bedroom and found nothing inside. This hoe better not be in MY bed. That’s exactly where she was, cuddled up with her son. I stood in the doorway with a million thoughts going in my head, a million different scenarios, a million different emotions.

I tiptoed back to the kitchen where RJ was standing against the stove. “Ok Ryan James, I see you’ve been playing house while I was gone. No wonder you didn’t call.”


All I got was puppy dog eyes. “Please don’t overreact. It’s not a big deal. It’s just that the three of us were–”

“The three of us were together as a family, Veronica. The way we’re supposed to be.”

Who woke her hoe ass up?



~ by A. Nicole on June 23, 2012.

3 Responses to “Stranger in My House -Veronica”

  1. Smh guess she should have gave Marques her cookies!

  2. Oh LAWD!

  3. RJ has some nerve…

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