Rescue Me -Yasmin

Music means everything to me. It’s my lifeline. I’m so thankful my parents encouraged me to pursue the arts at a young age. I’m a classically trained musician and dancer. During emotional times I’m either at the piano or practicing on the pole at home. It helps me express myself when in reality I have such a hard time saying how I feel.


I sat at my piano in the dining room and sang a few bars of a random Faith Evans song. Marques was on his way over. I was so nervous, I think I may have had butterflies! He said he had something to tell me and it couldn’t wait. Maybe he wanted us to be exclusive. That would just be the answer to my prayers.

Marques used his key and walked right past me, heading towards the fridge. I watched as he took a bottle of whiskey to the head. Whatever he had to say, it probably wasn’t about anything good.

“Marq do you wanna order in? The Lebanese place has that lamb dish you like.” He gave me the blankest stare ever before he approached me.

“Yas, everything between us has been cool. No strings attached, we kick it, I come and go, that’s it. We don’t have a ‘thing.’ I have been in love with Veronica since high school. Nothing will ever change that. The stunt you pulled last night, tho? Don’t do that shit again. I’m not trying to confuse you because it ain’t like I’ve ever said I love you. I’m in love with Veronica and I’ll do whatever to get her back. That’s that.”


All I could do was smile and touch myself. I turned into a lascivious animal around him. He’s so handsome when he’s frustrated. I love how his thick eyebrows meet when he speaks with passion. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him.

“You don’t have to tell me how you feel about Veronica. I already know. But you’re here with me and that’s what matters. I love you and I know you love me. We have history. So, whatever you gotta say about V, like don’t even bother. We’re good.”

Marques kept his eyes on me as I slowly stepped backwards. His eyes wandered all over my body when I slowly stepped out of my thong. I pivoted on my left foot to walk towards the kitchen. Mmmm I could feel his eyes all over my backside. Offering him a glass of champagne, he snatched it and gulped down the entire glass. I did the same as he picked me up and carried me upstairs to our bedroom……


~ by A. Nicole on June 27, 2012.

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