Who Can I Run To? – Veronica


“Look here, lady. Today really ain’t the day. I don’t know why you’re here but I think it’s time for you to cross that bridge and go home. I need to talk to my husband.”

After the night I had, I really didn’t feel like being bothered with this girl. We’ve never had confrontation before because RJ always kept us apart. Not sure where all this sassiness was coming from but I know I didn’t order it.

“Veronica, maybe you should pay attention to your husband sometimes. If you did, he wouldn’t be at my place so much.”

I stared a hole through RJ’s body. I couldn’t believe he didn’t have his hoe in check. After about 30 seconds, RJ was still quiet. I cleared my throat to get his attention.


“RJ ask your company to leave, please.”

He raised his head slowly and looked at her. “Yeah, I should probably call you later. I’ll bring Lil’ Man back to your place after he has lunch.”

She kept her eyes on me as she grabbed her overnight bag from the hall closet and sashayed out of my house. I couldn’t wait to get into RJ’s ass.

“Again, what the fuck? It’s one thing to have her here but why is the bitch in my bed?!? We have two other bedrooms! ”

All he did was stare at his shoes during my rant. He finally looked up at me and sat on the couch.


“V, come here for a second. I need to tell you something.”

Taking small and slow steps to the couch, feeling lumps in my belly, I was anticipating the worst. I had no idea what he was about to say, which rarely happened. I sat next to RJ, but he scooted to the end of the couch. He didn't even want to sit next to me.

"Things have been so-so. But for me as an individual, I've been struggling. I haven't been honest about my needs and wants so I don't expect you to feel bad. I want more kids and I'm not going for the adoption route. I just figure it would be easiest if RJ's mom was a surrogate. "

Pause. I tried to gather my thoughts to speak, but I couldn't. My heart was breaking all over again. I got up, grabbed my keys off the counter and walked out. I needed air, and lots of it.


I walked over to the promenade and luckily it wasn’t full of tourists standing in the way. It started to drizzle but I kept on anyway. My mind was racing and so was my heart. I wasn’t sure who I could trust anymore. Everyone I loved was hurting me and had no remorse. I felt both alone and lonely.

Since it was lunchtime I decided to head to the empanada stand and grab something since I had no desire to go back home. I only had five dollars in my sock so I decided on two chicken empanadas. The old woman who made and sold them was nice enough to give me a guava-filled one for free. I bit into that one first.

“Veronica, is that you?!?”

I turned around and saw him. I hadn’t seen him in almost a year at my uncle’s birthday party. He looked good. Really good……and his arms were already open just for me.



~ by A. Nicole on July 3, 2012.

One Response to “Who Can I Run To? – Veronica”

  1. Damn, damn, damn. Feeling like Keysha Cole, I should’ve cheated.

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