Nothing Even Matters – Yasmin


Today must have something special planned for me. I snuggled into the sheets and the chocolate tattooed arm that cradled my head. I loved when my sheets smelled like his cologne mixed with lavender linen spray. I actually took off of work these last two days, enjoying my man. I’m just taking it all in. I think I could really get used to this.

“Hey Babe, what do you wanna do today? Let’s go have Mexican for lunch.”

“Yas just order something. Whatever you want. We got another joint to do tonight.”


For the last few nights we went to private parties where I danced for all these corporate executives. I was getting about $2000 a night, with Marques getting a cut as my new manager. I really didn’t feel like going out. I just wanted to be romantic and shit.

“Marq I’m really not trying to dance tonight, just not feeling it.”

Marques glared at me so strongly that I became frightened. He didn’t say anything, he just stared. After a few seconds of confusion, he rolled over and grabbed his phone. Seeing my cue to exit, I got up and headed straight for the shower.


After I got out the shower, Marques had 4 of my bikinis and costumes on the bed. He picked out what I would be wearing. OMG. What’s gotten into him?

“Yo wear the blue and orange ones for the first joint. The black and silver ones for the next spot. Wait, try on the pink one I bought you yesterday. I’m going downstairs.”


I did exactly as he instructed. After I tried on the outfit, I met him in the basement where he was watching a porno of an orgy. He didn’t even notice that I was in the room until I coughed.

“Yas come look at this shit. How many of the girls from the club can you get to come to this joint tonight? We need to make this happen, yo. This is easily 5 stacks for us. This is crazy! ”

I muttered “okay” and went back upstairs. While on the second floor I noticed a box on the coffee table. As I ran towards the couch I recognized the logo on the shoebox. squeaked as I lifted the lid to find a gorgeous pair of heels. I gasped as I felt his arms around me.


“Yas, I really appreciate the things you’ve done for me and how you’ve always been there for me. I knew these would make you smile. Come on, let’s get dressed and head out for the day. It’s too nice to be inside.”

I loved seeing him so excited over little things. But maybe I was just in love. Maybe it was infatuation. I wasn’t sure, but i knew nothing else mattered except how I felt. I ran behind him so I could show him just how much I loved him.


~ by A. Nicole on July 5, 2012.

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