Another Round~Monae

I decided to spend my last day in Miami soaking up some much needed sun. I was beginning to become spoiled by this tropical weather and did not need the temptation to lead me back to Florida. As I laid onto the sand, I let my mind wander back to the past couple of days. I couldn’t help but blush as I thought of James. He made it more than clear that he wanted me. Yet even throughout all his displays of affection, a part of me was still unnerved about him. My intuition rang alarm bells loud and clear in regards to that woman I spotted him heatedly conversing with at the wedding. I didn’t feel it was my place to bring that up though since he and I were just…us.

The beach chairs I’d been eyeing had remained empty for the past ten minutes. I gathered my small amount of belongings and made a beeline. I was going to miss this carefree feeling. The waves tickled the heels of my foot and relaxed me into a light nap. I remember dreaming of smiling curly haired chocolate babies. Their laughter was such a beautiful melody to my ears. As I held a little boy in my arms, he turned to face me, grabbed my hand and spoke my name clear as day.


I was slightly jolted awake once I realized someone actually had my hand in theirs. Once my eyes focused, my heart rate doubled.


He pulled me from the beach chair into his arms, tightly hugging me like he…

“I missed you Mo. So much.”

But…Khoury’s married.

In the end, they always seem to want another round. Here we go again…

~ by Monae on July 8, 2012.

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