Wanting More – Yasmin

Another day, another dollar. After four years of stripping I was getting tired of late nights at the club with unattractive men drooling all over me. It was just getting boring, especially since I preferred to be with Marques. I was preparing for my last week of dancing because I just enrolled in graduate school! I wanted to become a physician’s assistant. The salary was better than both jobs combined, and at least I would be appreciated and respected at work.


I hadn’t told anyone except my father. Veronica still wouldn’t take my calls and my stripper friends couldn’t relate. They had bills, not dreams.

I planned an evening for Marques and myself to celebrate my achievement. He seemed excited when I said I had big news so I was certain I would finally have someone who would be proud of me.

After I left the office, I rushed home to change for the evening. Marques hadn’t called so I was sure he was stuck in traffic somewhere, with this being Friday. After getting dressed and primped, I called my driver to pick us up in 30 minutes. Marques wasn’t picking up but I figured his iPhone’s battery died.


I eventually had to tell the driver to come back in 15 minutes since Marques was nowhere to be found. After two hours of waiting by the phone I’d stripped naked and sat in front of the fireplace with two bottles of vodka. I was just upset that he never bothered to call. There was just no explanation for any of this. Had I done something to deserve this?

Marques rushed in while making demands on his cell, dropped his briefcase on the table and ran upstairs. Not realizing how drunk I was, I could barely utter his name. He came back down and stood over me.


“The hell are you doin? Go clean yourself up and get ready for work. I invited my new clients to see you tonight.”

I watched him pace around the room with his back towards me. He didn’t even notice me. He didn’t see my tears. I even gave him my best puppy dog pout…still no reaction.

“Marques you ruined everything. You ruined my night, you ruined my surprise. Like, I had everything planned perfectly so we could celebrate my last week at the club and me going back to school.”

There goes that glare again. “Going to school for what?!?!?”

“I wanna be a physician’s assistant. I finally know what I want to do with my life.”


Marques kept a firm stride as he walked over to the patio doors and replied, “you have a job so come upstairs and get dressed.”

At that point I didn’t know whether I should cry, do what he said, or tell him to leave. He had always looked out for me so why would today be any different? I trusted him enough to let him move in with me and become my manager. He said we were a team. I believed it, but I was afraid of what could happen if I didn’t believe it.

~ by A. Nicole on July 25, 2012.

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