I Just Want You Around – Veronica

“Miguel you know you shouldn’t be here. This is a horrible idea.”

“Veronica I’ve been calling you. I didn’t get an answer so I had no choice but to see you face to face.”

I stood there silently as a million thoughts raced through my head. I was afraid of RJ walking through the door, I was afraid that something would get physical between me and Miguel, I was afraid of being even more confused and hurt than I was that day. I was afraid of making the wrong decision.


“Let’s go to the rooftop and talk. I don’t wanna do it here.”

The two of us headed up the two flights of stairs, eventually joining hands. I didn’t fight it, I just allowed him to take the lead. We sat on the L-shaped sofa under the umbrella, staring out into the city. Only thing missing was a glass of wine because I had no idea where this conversation was going.


“Did something happen to you today or recently? ”

Blank stare. Is he psychic? “Huh?”

“Interesting how I run into you when you need a friend the most. I felt a tension in your body while we were at the Promenade. You know I’ve always felt a deep connection to you, deep enough for me to sense something being wrong.”

I wanted to be numb to what he was saying, that way I wouldn’t have to play off the reaction.

“Miguel, I don’t know where you’re coming from. What’s your point?”

“I’ve known you for a few years now, Veronica…….I’ve been fond of you since we met, and I’m being honest. I’ve made mistakes and said my apologies. I wanted to stay away but I can’t. If I have to just be your friend then that’s fine. I just want you around. What I will do is respect your wishes but what I won’t do is disregard how I feel. ”


I sat there stunned and motionless, trying to maintain my poker face. It was no use. He saw right through me.

“I’d like that a lot. I really missed that.”

Together we sat in silence, eventually drifting off to sleep until he asked for some water.

I went downstairs and unlocked the door. I felt something and it stopped me in my tracks. I looked around but didn’t notice anything unusual. While pouring the water, something told me to look up.

There was an empty glass on the counter…a glass that I hadn’t touched at all….and at the bottom was a ring. A wedding ring.



~ by A. Nicole on August 9, 2012.

One Response to “I Just Want You Around – Veronica”

  1. Wow! Really RJ?!?!???

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