New Beginnings



I put on my favorite Miguel mixtape as I packed my bag for work. It had been over a week since deciding to go back to graduate school. Next week I would have to begin enrollment and orientation. I was excited yet heartbroken. I got up enough nerve to pack Marques’s bags, and I had his assistant pick them up. Just when I thought I was beginning to love myself more, someone comes along and tries to tear me down.  I knew that I wanted more out of life and I had to get rid of whatever was holding me back.

Tonight would be my last night dancing at the club. I was worried moreso than excited. Worried that Marques would show up and embarrass me. I found out that he’d still been acting as my manager and negotiating deals without me. My plan was to start fresh come Monday. New look, new place, new energy.



Towards the end of my dance, I climbed to the top of the pole and flipped upside down. As I came to a screeching halt at the bottom, I heard yelling and tussling. My natural instinct was to run for cover in case things got worse, which they did. It was Marques arguing with the bouncer. I tried to hurry off stage but it was too late. Someone grabbed me from behind as shots rang out.  I was topless with one shoe on.  I suddenly realized I wasn’t in the arms of a security guard from the club. It was one of the thugs associated with Marques and his entertainment company. By that point I was fearful of my life. I kicked the guy in the balls with my spiked heel and he dropped me. I ended up running straight into Marques and his fist.

The club bouncer quickly engulfed Marques’s head into a chokehold as I threw the other shoe. Since I made direct contact with his fist, I ran outside while covering the bruised eye. Cops were already heading inside. One of them stopped and asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I said yes and he escorted me back to his truck. As we pulled off, he began asking questions about everything. When he asked if I had ever been hit by Marques before, I felt tears fall as I nodded my head in response. How had my life come to this?





~ by A. Nicole on September 21, 2012.

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