Welcome to Single, How Dreadful, a website that chronicles the dating lives of a group of college friends. They all come equipped with a unique set of voices, sense of style, and list of life goals. Everything about them seems to set them apart. Yet they do have one thing in common: They are all single.   It is here that you will meet:

•  Monae, an opinionated, sassy jet setter and lover of high heels, happy hours and the simple things has yet to experience consistent relationship stability. While this independent beauty has lived in South Florida all her life, she has yet to be swept off her feet by “The One” and refuses to subscribe to second-rate syndrome just to say she’s attached. Follow her journey as she makes moves, gets checked by reality and deal with difficult decisions that will hopefully lead her to the man of her dreams…or at least an island until she gets it right!

•  Corey is a goofy, optimistic, extroverted single father in his late 20s. Wanting a change of pace, he left fast-paced, high stress career in corporate america to pursue his lower compensating, but mentally more rewarding dream of becoming a professor. Moving home to Houston, life has slowed down enough for him to have an interesting epiphany: he provides all of his friends with helpful relationship anecdotes, and yet he’s never been successful in his love life. Corey mulls what is in store for him romantically. He hopes he can find his soulmate amongst the scattered, bitter dating failures he’s had his entire adult life as he continues to ask the question “What’s wrong with me?”

•  Veronica, a feisty, pretty, creative 20-something from New Jersey who has had her heart broken more times than she can remember. Veronica’s passions lie in music and fashion, but she would love for some of that passion to carry over into a relationship. She moved to NYC three years ago to study fashion and hopefully find a man who wouldn’t up and leave her the minute they became close. Her quest is still in effect. Watch and see if Veronica finally finds that simple, committed relationship that she’s been searching for with someone who just wants her for her.

•  Jayde, a slick talking West-Indian in her mid-20s, who is trying to figure out if she should wait on love or explore if the grass is really greener on the other side.  Now Jayde hails from the lovely Sunshine State but right now her life doesn’t have much shine.  She is learning about putting herself first and finding what brings her joy.  Fresh out of a four year relationship with a prison inmate she is singing “single again…back on the prowl.”  Will this single life give her peace or will she end up back where she started, waiting on her love to return.

So there you have it. Friends in different cities, each looking for someone to call their own. Will they find him or her? Who knows. But it’ll no doubt be extremely entertaining to watch as they try. And as for you, the reader, you’ve probably encountered a situation or two that’s similar to what one or more of these characters are going through. So we’re hoping that you can relate!

Stay tuned and visit often−for one never knows what may change in the lives of these characters on any given day!




  2. I love this idea, this is awesome because so many pple go thru the samething and never know but this give them an opportunity to see how someone in the same situation handle it. This could be very helpful!

  3. Intresting

  4. Get it girls!

  5. I wish all of you the best of luck!!!!

  6. The Intro Alone Was Juicy….I’m In The Same Boat, Waiting For My “Special Someone”. I Thought I Found Him….But Seems As Though I Haven’t, Nothing Worse Than Being In Love By Yourself.

    I’ll Be Along Your Journeys With You, As I Continue To Read This Blog….Hopefully I’ll Find My Own Love.


  7. Enjoying the blog so far ladies. Keep it up!

  8. Go head ladies!! Tell the tale and enlighten and entertain us with your misadventures in the dating game. Hopefully we’ll all come away a little wiser.

    Stay True,

  9. This blog sounds GREAT. Can’t wait to delve in. But where’s the west coast representative? *wink wink* 🙂

  10. I think I’m going to enjoy rading aoll of your adventures. Hmmmmm….


  12. thanx Jerika for your support, we appreciate you! tell a friend 🙂

  13. We appreciate it! Keep coming back!!

  14. Thanks to all of you who read our blog! Keep it up! we will be sure to add more great posts!

  15. Thanks to all who are so supportive! Stay tuned and spread the word!

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