Wanting More – Yasmin

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Another day, another dollar. After four years of stripping I was getting tired of late nights at the club with unattractive men drooling all over me. It was just getting boring, especially since I preferred to be with Marques. I was preparing for my last week of dancing because I just enrolled in graduate school! I wanted to become a physician’s assistant. The salary was better than both jobs combined, and at least I would be appreciated and respected at work.


I hadn’t told anyone except my father. Veronica still wouldn’t take my calls and my stripper friends couldn’t relate. They had bills, not dreams.

I planned an evening for Marques and myself to celebrate my achievement. He seemed excited when I said I had big news so I was certain I would finally have someone who would be proud of me.

After I left the office, I rushed home to change for the evening. Marques hadn’t called so I was sure he was stuck in traffic somewhere, with this being Friday. After getting dressed and primped, I called my driver to pick us up in 30 minutes. Marques wasn’t picking up but I figured his iPhone’s battery died.


I eventually had to tell the driver to come back in 15 minutes since Marques was nowhere to be found. After two hours of waiting by the phone I’d stripped naked and sat in front of the fireplace with two bottles of vodka. I was just upset that he never bothered to call. There was just no explanation for any of this. Had I done something to deserve this?

Marques rushed in while making demands on his cell, dropped his briefcase on the table and ran upstairs. Not realizing how drunk I was, I could barely utter his name. He came back down and stood over me.


“The hell are you doin? Go clean yourself up and get ready for work. I invited my new clients to see you tonight.”

I watched him pace around the room with his back towards me. He didn’t even notice me. He didn’t see my tears. I even gave him my best puppy dog pout…still no reaction.

“Marques you ruined everything. You ruined my night, you ruined my surprise. Like, I had everything planned perfectly so we could celebrate my last week at the club and me going back to school.”

There goes that glare again. “Going to school for what?!?!?”

“I wanna be a physician’s assistant. I finally know what I want to do with my life.”


Marques kept a firm stride as he walked over to the patio doors and replied, “you have a job so come upstairs and get dressed.”

At that point I didn’t know whether I should cry, do what he said, or tell him to leave. He had always looked out for me so why would today be any different? I trusted him enough to let him move in with me and become my manager. He said we were a team. I believed it, but I was afraid of what could happen if I didn’t believe it.


When the Stars Align…. -Veronica

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I stared up at the heavens briefly, wondering how I’d gotten to this point in my life and my marriage….or back in Miguel’s arms at the very least. He really wasn’t the guy that I needed to be with, but I still needed him. He comforted me without even asking
what was wrong. Maybe it didn’t matter to him.

Miguel and I shared such a magnetic and genuine connection. We could enjoy each other’s silence or even read each other’s mind with a simple glance. We held hands, looked out into the water, and said everything we needed to say without saying a word. I cried tears of serenity and joy of being able to just enjoy this moment………without a care in the world. I wiped my face and stood up.
“Come on, let’s go somewhere. Some place I haven’t been in years.”


As always, he followed my lead as we walked arm-in-arm to the train station. We hopped on the A to transfer to the Coney Island station. I was yearning for a day of fun and fatty foods.

We hung out all afternoon like two teenagers. I can’t remember the last time I’d had so much fun. As the sky grew dark, I knew it was time to head back home. Miguel and I continued to hold hands on the train as we got off at High Street to go our separate ways.

We said goodbye without even discussing who would call who, or if we would ever see each other again. That was probably for the best, as we both returned to our lives. I hate goodbyes.


I walked into a dark and empty apartment. Perfect. I grabbed my phone and saw 20 messages from both Yasmin and Marques. I was not about to ruin my day by returning their calls.

I prepared to have a nice long bath with some 90s R&B. I had a bottle of Prosecco screaming to be popped. All was well in my world. No interruptions, no drama. Just me. And I liked it.


Whoever was calling must have really needed me but I wasn’t about to ruin my groove by some wack conversation. I stepped out of the tub, turned the music up louder and laid across the bed as I rubbed on my scented body oil. Eventually I zoned out until I heard someone banging on the door. I opened it without hesitation only to see Miguel standing there.

Damn, I didn’t think I’d see him again so soon….

Another Round~Monae

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I decided to spend my last day in Miami soaking up some much needed sun. I was beginning to become spoiled by this tropical weather and did not need the temptation to lead me back to Florida. As I laid onto the sand, I let my mind wander back to the past couple of days. I couldn’t help but blush as I thought of James. He made it more than clear that he wanted me. Yet even throughout all his displays of affection, a part of me was still unnerved about him. My intuition rang alarm bells loud and clear in regards to that woman I spotted him heatedly conversing with at the wedding. I didn’t feel it was my place to bring that up though since he and I were just…us.

The beach chairs I’d been eyeing had remained empty for the past ten minutes. I gathered my small amount of belongings and made a beeline. I was going to miss this carefree feeling. The waves tickled the heels of my foot and relaxed me into a light nap. I remember dreaming of smiling curly haired chocolate babies. Their laughter was such a beautiful melody to my ears. As I held a little boy in my arms, he turned to face me, grabbed my hand and spoke my name clear as day.


I was slightly jolted awake once I realized someone actually had my hand in theirs. Once my eyes focused, my heart rate doubled.


He pulled me from the beach chair into his arms, tightly hugging me like he…

“I missed you Mo. So much.”

But…Khoury’s married.

In the end, they always seem to want another round. Here we go again…

Nothing Even Matters – Yasmin

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Today must have something special planned for me. I snuggled into the sheets and the chocolate tattooed arm that cradled my head. I loved when my sheets smelled like his cologne mixed with lavender linen spray. I actually took off of work these last two days, enjoying my man. I’m just taking it all in. I think I could really get used to this.

“Hey Babe, what do you wanna do today? Let’s go have Mexican for lunch.”

“Yas just order something. Whatever you want. We got another joint to do tonight.”


For the last few nights we went to private parties where I danced for all these corporate executives. I was getting about $2000 a night, with Marques getting a cut as my new manager. I really didn’t feel like going out. I just wanted to be romantic and shit.

“Marq I’m really not trying to dance tonight, just not feeling it.”

Marques glared at me so strongly that I became frightened. He didn’t say anything, he just stared. After a few seconds of confusion, he rolled over and grabbed his phone. Seeing my cue to exit, I got up and headed straight for the shower.


After I got out the shower, Marques had 4 of my bikinis and costumes on the bed. He picked out what I would be wearing. OMG. What’s gotten into him?

“Yo wear the blue and orange ones for the first joint. The black and silver ones for the next spot. Wait, try on the pink one I bought you yesterday. I’m going downstairs.”


I did exactly as he instructed. After I tried on the outfit, I met him in the basement where he was watching a porno of an orgy. He didn’t even notice that I was in the room until I coughed.

“Yas come look at this shit. How many of the girls from the club can you get to come to this joint tonight? We need to make this happen, yo. This is easily 5 stacks for us. This is crazy! ”

I muttered “okay” and went back upstairs. While on the second floor I noticed a box on the coffee table. As I ran towards the couch I recognized the logo on the shoebox. squeaked as I lifted the lid to find a gorgeous pair of heels. I gasped as I felt his arms around me.


“Yas, I really appreciate the things you’ve done for me and how you’ve always been there for me. I knew these would make you smile. Come on, let’s get dressed and head out for the day. It’s too nice to be inside.”

I loved seeing him so excited over little things. But maybe I was just in love. Maybe it was infatuation. I wasn’t sure, but i knew nothing else mattered except how I felt. I ran behind him so I could show him just how much I loved him.

Who Can I Run To? – Veronica

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“Look here, lady. Today really ain’t the day. I don’t know why you’re here but I think it’s time for you to cross that bridge and go home. I need to talk to my husband.”

After the night I had, I really didn’t feel like being bothered with this girl. We’ve never had confrontation before because RJ always kept us apart. Not sure where all this sassiness was coming from but I know I didn’t order it.

“Veronica, maybe you should pay attention to your husband sometimes. If you did, he wouldn’t be at my place so much.”

I stared a hole through RJ’s body. I couldn’t believe he didn’t have his hoe in check. After about 30 seconds, RJ was still quiet. I cleared my throat to get his attention.


“RJ ask your company to leave, please.”

He raised his head slowly and looked at her. “Yeah, I should probably call you later. I’ll bring Lil’ Man back to your place after he has lunch.”

She kept her eyes on me as she grabbed her overnight bag from the hall closet and sashayed out of my house. I couldn’t wait to get into RJ’s ass.

“Again, what the fuck? It’s one thing to have her here but why is the bitch in my bed?!? We have two other bedrooms! ”

All he did was stare at his shoes during my rant. He finally looked up at me and sat on the couch.


“V, come here for a second. I need to tell you something.”

Taking small and slow steps to the couch, feeling lumps in my belly, I was anticipating the worst. I had no idea what he was about to say, which rarely happened. I sat next to RJ, but he scooted to the end of the couch. He didn't even want to sit next to me.

"Things have been so-so. But for me as an individual, I've been struggling. I haven't been honest about my needs and wants so I don't expect you to feel bad. I want more kids and I'm not going for the adoption route. I just figure it would be easiest if RJ's mom was a surrogate. "

Pause. I tried to gather my thoughts to speak, but I couldn't. My heart was breaking all over again. I got up, grabbed my keys off the counter and walked out. I needed air, and lots of it.


I walked over to the promenade and luckily it wasn’t full of tourists standing in the way. It started to drizzle but I kept on anyway. My mind was racing and so was my heart. I wasn’t sure who I could trust anymore. Everyone I loved was hurting me and had no remorse. I felt both alone and lonely.

Since it was lunchtime I decided to head to the empanada stand and grab something since I had no desire to go back home. I only had five dollars in my sock so I decided on two chicken empanadas. The old woman who made and sold them was nice enough to give me a guava-filled one for free. I bit into that one first.

“Veronica, is that you?!?”

I turned around and saw him. I hadn’t seen him in almost a year at my uncle’s birthday party. He looked good. Really good……and his arms were already open just for me.


All I Want Is…You~Milan

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“No teasin,
You waited long enough.
Go deep,
Imma throw it at ya”

“Skin” by Rihanna was on full blast and his hands began tightly gripping my ass to slow my movement.

“Milan…baby…you gotta slow down.” he whispered breathlessly in my ear.

That shit just turned me on even more.


I gripped him harder…punctuating each word with my hips to make a point. The combination of one too many drinks and my state of frustration made me aggressively horny and him trying to stop me only intensified my appetite for him. I smirked in the darkness and continued my assault on his dick. He was breathing heavily down my neck and planting wet kisses across my collarbone…singing my name over and over. My hands were tangled in his dreads pulling in lust. Biting his bottom lip wasn’t enough to suppress the yearning and soon I was moaning praises to that third leg curve of his that kept hittin’ my g-spot. We were so in tune with each other that you’d have never known this was our very first time.

We were making music in his studio. He’d been serious in taking me up on my offer to record our own “soundtrack” and the performance was Oscar worthy. Bending me over against the couch by the wall, he took a handful of my curls and pulled until his mouth was pressed against my ear.

“I dare you to try and keep this from me again…tell me you won’t.”

The honey pot was overflowing…legs convulsing. I fuckin’ LOVED this shit. My mind was so gone until I felt the sharp sting of my ass being spanked.

“You speechless now Milan? Answer.Me.”

He was playing dirty now. If my insides could blush, they’d be the color of scarlet. I wanted to spend the rest of the night with him in this position and…that was way out of my character. Jay owned a record label…and was at the top of his game right now. I wanted in…and needed him out the way so that full ownership could be placed in my hands. But I was feeling a million different things right now that didn’t include offing him tonight. He just didn’t know that his stroke game saved his life tonight…along with a little inkling of me that liked him. I was slippin’! Big time…

“You a beast, oh.
You know that I like that.
Come on baby,
All I wanna see you in is just skin.”

We spent the remainder of the night in just skin.

He rocked my ass to sleep like a baby. I’m trippin’ FOR REAL.

Rescue Me -Yasmin

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Music means everything to me. It’s my lifeline. I’m so thankful my parents encouraged me to pursue the arts at a young age. I’m a classically trained musician and dancer. During emotional times I’m either at the piano or practicing on the pole at home. It helps me express myself when in reality I have such a hard time saying how I feel.


I sat at my piano in the dining room and sang a few bars of a random Faith Evans song. Marques was on his way over. I was so nervous, I think I may have had butterflies! He said he had something to tell me and it couldn’t wait. Maybe he wanted us to be exclusive. That would just be the answer to my prayers.

Marques used his key and walked right past me, heading towards the fridge. I watched as he took a bottle of whiskey to the head. Whatever he had to say, it probably wasn’t about anything good.

“Marq do you wanna order in? The Lebanese place has that lamb dish you like.” He gave me the blankest stare ever before he approached me.

“Yas, everything between us has been cool. No strings attached, we kick it, I come and go, that’s it. We don’t have a ‘thing.’ I have been in love with Veronica since high school. Nothing will ever change that. The stunt you pulled last night, tho? Don’t do that shit again. I’m not trying to confuse you because it ain’t like I’ve ever said I love you. I’m in love with Veronica and I’ll do whatever to get her back. That’s that.”


All I could do was smile and touch myself. I turned into a lascivious animal around him. He’s so handsome when he’s frustrated. I love how his thick eyebrows meet when he speaks with passion. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him.

“You don’t have to tell me how you feel about Veronica. I already know. But you’re here with me and that’s what matters. I love you and I know you love me. We have history. So, whatever you gotta say about V, like don’t even bother. We’re good.”

Marques kept his eyes on me as I slowly stepped backwards. His eyes wandered all over my body when I slowly stepped out of my thong. I pivoted on my left foot to walk towards the kitchen. Mmmm I could feel his eyes all over my backside. Offering him a glass of champagne, he snatched it and gulped down the entire glass. I did the same as he picked me up and carried me upstairs to our bedroom……