When the Stars Align…. -Veronica


I stared up at the heavens briefly, wondering how I’d gotten to this point in my life and my marriage….or back in Miguel’s arms at the very least. He really wasn’t the guy that I needed to be with, but I still needed him. He comforted me without even asking
what was wrong. Maybe it didn’t matter to him.

Miguel and I shared such a magnetic and genuine connection. We could enjoy each other’s silence or even read each other’s mind with a simple glance. We held hands, looked out into the water, and said everything we needed to say without saying a word. I cried tears of serenity and joy of being able to just enjoy this moment………without a care in the world. I wiped my face and stood up.
“Come on, let’s go somewhere. Some place I haven’t been in years.”


As always, he followed my lead as we walked arm-in-arm to the train station. We hopped on the A to transfer to the Coney Island station. I was yearning for a day of fun and fatty foods.

We hung out all afternoon like two teenagers. I can’t remember the last time I’d had so much fun. As the sky grew dark, I knew it was time to head back home. Miguel and I continued to hold hands on the train as we got off at High Street to go our separate ways.

We said goodbye without even discussing who would call who, or if we would ever see each other again. That was probably for the best, as we both returned to our lives. I hate goodbyes.


I walked into a dark and empty apartment. Perfect. I grabbed my phone and saw 20 messages from both Yasmin and Marques. I was not about to ruin my day by returning their calls.

I prepared to have a nice long bath with some 90s R&B. I had a bottle of Prosecco screaming to be popped. All was well in my world. No interruptions, no drama. Just me. And I liked it.


Whoever was calling must have really needed me but I wasn’t about to ruin my groove by some wack conversation. I stepped out of the tub, turned the music up louder and laid across the bed as I rubbed on my scented body oil. Eventually I zoned out until I heard someone banging on the door. I opened it without hesitation only to see Miguel standing there.

Damn, I didn’t think I’d see him again so soon….


~ by A. Nicole on July 17, 2012.

One Response to “When the Stars Align…. -Veronica”

  1. Veronica soooo needed that time with Miguel.

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